Terms of Use

1. Initialization

MK Records is a music distribution company that aims to give creators the tools they need to distribute, protect, monetise, advertise, and save their content on a single, user-friendly platform. In order to further our goal of giving content creators more influence over their work, we offer you these services. In return, you must carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions listed below . These terms apply to your access and use of our platform, as well as any products or services we make available through them.

Notice Regarding Dispute Resolution: These Terms contain provisions that regulate the way claims you and we may have against one another are settled (see Section 17 below), including an agreement and responsibility to arbitrate disputes. This means that, with certain exceptions, you must submit any claims you have against us to binding arbitration unless you choose to opt out in line with Section 17. (e). You may only bring claims against us on an individual basis, not as a member of any class or representative action or process, and you may only seek remedy (including monetary, injunctive, and declaratory remedies) on an individual basis unless you want to opt out of arbitration.

2. Service Charges

GST and/or any other relevant taxes, levies, or fees mandated by any applicable law, rule, regulation, or governmental agency are included in all of the prices shown here.

Non-exclusivity: The USER enters into a non-exclusive agreement with MK Records for the use of the services offered through.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

The trademarks, service marks, and logos used on the Service ("Materials") are ours or are used with our permission. As a result, they are all protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights under domestic and international law. The Materials and the Service are not intended for commercial exploitation; they are solely for your personal and informational use. All ownership rights to the Service and the Materials are reserved by us. All trademark, copyright, and other property notices in and on the Materials must be preserved if anyone download or print a copy of the Materials for your own personal use.

No right, title, or interest in or to any software, data, or other intellectual property embodied in or utilised in conjunction with MK Records and/or the Service is granted to you in any way by these Terms.

4. Policy on Copyright

Send a support request mail to info@mkrecords.com if you think your work has been copied or used in any way that would potentially violate your copyright in connection with the Service. Any account that violates the rights of any third parties, at MK Records sole discretion, may be terminated. MK Records may, at its discretion and without limiting any of its legal rights or remedies, disclose your contact information to such third parties and/or remove or delete such content in the event that it receives notice that any content you have submitted in connection with the Service violates the rights of any third parties.

5. Privacy Concerns

Please see our most recent Privacy Policy for details on how MK Records gathers and uses your information in connection with the Service. By accepting these Terms, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Privacy Policy and grant us permission to use the information we have gathered about you in accordance with its provisions. The Privacy Policy is a component of and regulated by these Terms.

6. Miscellaneous Websites

We do not own or operate the Third Party Sites, and we have not reviewed, and we are not responsible for reviewing, the terms and conditions that are applicable to your use of these Third Party Sites. The Service may contain links to third-party platforms and websites ("Third Party Sites"), and you may be able to share Contributions with Third Party Sites through the Service. The fact that you can access these Third Party Sites through the Service does not mean that we support any of the Third Party Sites or any of the content, ideas, products, or services that are made available there.

The Third Party Sites may also provide access to or allow use of third-party materials that are subject to copyright and other intellectual property restrictions. THIRD PARTY SITES ARE EXCLUDED FROM THESE TERMS. You should review the terms and conditions and privacy policy of any third-party websites before visiting or using them in conjunction with the service. You should also familiarise yourself with the rules, policies, and practises of these third-party websites.

7. Media partners; specialised services

Services for Monetization, first. MK Records may provide certain monetization services, such as the ability to make contributions available on third-party websites and/or other monetized basis, as part of the Services ("Monetization Services"). MK Records will manage these members' rights on their behalf. Unless and until you and we enter into a separate, mutually agreed-upon content licence agreement, MK Records has no duty to offer you the Monetization Services. In our sole discretion, we reserve the right to decide whether a user is eligible for Monetization Services.

Distribution Network. As a part of the Services, MK Records may give qualified users the option to ask that MK Records make their individual Contributions available to our media partners ("Media Partners") for review and possible use in conjunction with their individual stores, internet and other platforms run by such Media Partners ("Distribution Services"). We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to determine a person's eligibility for Distribution Services. If you apply for distribution services, we ask to share percentage fee in order to use the services. These costs could change, partially dependent on which Media Partners you choose to examine your contribution (s). There are no refunds for any fees incurred for the distribution services.

Norms That Apply to Media Partners. If you are a Media Partner, MK Records gives you access to the Service and some Contributions so that you can have these Contributions professionally reviewed in connection with Distribution Services. You agree not to: (a) permit access to the Service or use of Contributions therein by anyone who is not one of your employees or authorised agents; (b) download Contributions for any reason other than the minimal amount required for expert review in connection with Distribution Services; or (c) modif distribute, or produce derivative works from Contributions.

8. Assignment

Without your consent, we may assign our rights under these Terms.

9. Warranty Disclaimer, Limitation on Liability

a. Disclaimer of Warranties

10. Timing and Termination

1.1 Our contractual agreement will last for a total of 12 months unless we decide to end it sooner in accordance with these Terms of Service. Unless You or We provide the other party notice of our decision not to renew at least ninety (90) days prior to the end of the Term, the Agreement will automatically renew for future 12-month periods.

1.2 If this Agreement is terminated, You must pay Us any outstanding balances within five (5) days of the notice date. Whichever is the case, we shall transfer any positive amount to you (ideally via EFT). Additionally, in the event of termination, the Sunset process will be initiated in line with section 11. Additionally, You grant Us permission to remove End User Content from DSPSs, suspend your account, deny You and the End Users access to the Platform, and conceal all files and data that You and/or the End Users have contributed to the Platform. The parties' accumulated rights and obligations as of the date of termination are unaffected by the termination.

1.3 In addition, We reserve the right to end the relationship and the Service if:
a) You fail to remedy any breach of any term or condition established by Us (here or in any other document accepted by You) within two (2) days of the date of notice from Us; or
b) no new End User Content is uploaded to the Platform for a continuous period of six (six) months.
c) If, as described in section 4.1, you fail to pay any Fees to any third parties.
d) We reserve the right to end the partnership and stop providing the Service in the event that any unpaid debt is not settled in accordance with Section 6.
e) If You and/or End User Content violate our intellectual property rights.
f) If You become the subject of any procedure relating to your liquidation or insolvency (whether voluntary or involuntary) that is not dismissed within sixty (60) calendar days.
g) Should you engage in any illegal conduct while utilising the Platform or the Service.